About the Process/Prices

I’m excited to work with all clients to produce unique alters!  What, then, goes into the process?  First, let’s look at some prices.

Full Art Replacement Alter – $50  (click for example)
Full Art Extension Alter – $30  (click for example)
Partial Art Replacement Alter – $30 (click for example)
Border Extension Alter – $15 (click for example)

What exactly does all that mean?  Each title pertains to how the card is being changed.

A full art replacement can be anything at all, really- Batman, a unicorn, Mario…whatever you prefer.  This is typically art that I do not draw originally, but replicate on the card (original art replacements are negotiable, but will be higher in price due to the amount of time they take).  These cover the whole card, except for name, mana cost, and power and toughness.

full art extension is extending the organic layout of the artwork.  As with the replacement above, it leaves only the name, mana cost and power and toughness, but the artwork is meant to be the seamless image of the environment.

partial art replacement is exactly what I describe in its full card equivalent, but, the replacement art portion is strictly limited to the window of art in the card.  The rules text and border will remain intact.

border extension is quite literally just that- I will extend the border of the artwork, leaving rules text, name, mana cost and power and toughness intact.

Some prices may slightly rise or fall depending on the amount of detail in the alteration, but that’s easy to ascertain over a quick email conversation.  All commissions will be finalized in email, and all payments will be accepted through PayPal.

Commission timing is entirely dependent on how many commissions I’ve accepted, or what other projects are on my plate.  I strive to be as timely as possible with my turnarounds, and unless otherwise noted (and I will always be upfront when you make a request), the turnaround will be no longer than one week.  In most cases it will be much sooner, but I certainly want to provide realistic expectations about your experience.

If you have any further questions at all, please feel free to email me at atempestcyclone @ gmail.


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